Thermaculture™ Offers Wine Growers Many Benefits

Thermaculture is an alternative to conventional agricultural problem solving where heat is used to create various effects in managing day to day and season long vineyard problems. It is a multi-purpose sustainable technology that provides heat in the vineyard to assure fruit set, improve wine quality, dry off crops after rains and provide pest control. After encouraging fruit set and wine quality results in 2012, trials were expanded during 2013 and 2014 in Oregon, Washington and New Zealand.  2013 fruit set results averaged 24% more berries per bunch than control blocks.  In 2014 AgroThermal Systems again expanded customer trials resulting in an average increase of 23.5% more berries per bunch and 31% greater weight yields per vine at harvest. 2014-2015 European results from Bordeaux France and The Mosel River region of Germany confirm great fruit set and superior wine quality.

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Experts Judge Thermaculture Wines To Be Better

Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg, Oregon took the lead in testing TPT on its Pinot Noir during the 2012 crop year that produced a Pinot Noir with different and preferred wine sensory characteristics. In 2013 Adelsheim experienced similar sensory differences in wine made from two trial blocks of Pinot Noir . In 2014 the wine from 3 trial blocks showed once again wine with different sensory characteristics. One of the 2014 wines was chosen by a panel of judges as an innovation demonstration wine and poured at the Wine Business Monthly IQ show. In January 2016 five trial and matching control block wines from the 2014 vintage were evaluated at Scheid Winery by Philip Goodband, Master of Wine, with remarkable results.

Twelve 2013 wine trials  were blind tasted by University and industry experts and the results showed there were clear sensory differences with consistent preferences for the wines created from heat treated grapes. Master of Wine, Philip Goodband tasted all test and control wines and was intrigued by the differences and the potential of the technology to improve wine quality. “These wines have been produced for chemistry analysis and study, so evaluating them over time is not possible, but the flavor characteristics of the wines from treated grapes were in my view noticeably better. In finished wines these early stage advantages would likely improve with aging to an even greater degree,”

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