Thermaculture Increases Phenol and Antioxidant Activity

North Dakota State University Study confirms: "Instantaneous heat-shock" increases the red wine flavonoid complex, improving wine quality and adding human health benefits.

Dr. Doug Gubler Sees ||Promising|| Powdery Mildew Control with Thermaculture

Agrothermal Systems® Trials in Sonoma and Napa Cut Fungicide by 50%.

Dr. Richard Smart “Very Happy and Excited” with UK Agrothermal Trials

Thermaculture® produces impressive fruit set in the UK's Challenging Climate.

Hot off the Press

Fewer pests, healthier vines, and more grapes at a lower cost are just a few of the benefits highlighted by The Grapevine Magazine's writer Jim Offner.

Introducing Agroblow to reduce rain damage

This NEW tractor-mounted fan unit that can be used alone OR in conjuncture with the Agrotherm XT™ to remove standing water and dry off excess moisture in a single pass, saving you time and money.

24% increase in berries per bunch

Use heat to assure good fruit set even when mother-nature tries to limit you with cool or wet weather. Since 2012, with over 30 trials, Thermaculture has increased fruit set and berries per bunch by an average of 24%.

What is Thermaculture?

Thermaculture® treatment services is a method for growing agricultural crops using the application of heat. Use Thermaculture to:

  • Increase fruit set and yields even in cold, wet weather
  • Improve wine quality by increasing flavonoids including antioxidants and phenols.
  • Decrease overall pest control costs by disrupting insect and fungal development
  • Reduce moisture to prevent bunch rot and fungal damage after rains
  • Add BRIX late in season
The flavor characteristics of the wines from treated grapes were in my view noticeably better. In finished wines these early stage advantages would likely improve with aging to an even greater degree. Philip Goodband

Master of Wine

In total we decreased our pest control spray passes in half...Each Thermaculture pass cost about 1/4th of the pesticide pass it replaced with less time wasted mixing chemicals and doing fill-ups. Shane McKibben

Vineyard Manager, Les Collines Vineyard

During the 2014 season and were amazed to see up to 40% more berries per bunch in fruit set over matching control blocks. We also saw better color, healthier looking, greener vines and deeper colored grapes at harvest. Shawn Veysey

Viticulturist, Scheid Vineyard

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