Lazo TPC Global, Inc., doing business as AgroThermal Systems, is a California corporation formed in January 2007 to take Thermal Pest Control (TPC) to the global market.  Developed in Chile, TPC was patented in 2003 as an agricultural process that reduced pesticide use in the production of selected fruit and vegetable crops.

After growing to over $1 million in revenue two years from initial seed funding, LTG experienced an internal management dispute that interrupted progress beginning in the summer of 2009. The dispute was over corporate strategy, machine design and how best to move the business forward. Chilean inventor and then majority shareholder, Florencio Lazo Barra, agreed to a buy out offer from the former management team and a group of private investors to resolve the dispute that was completed on October 28, 2011. See Lazo TPC Restructures

The company moved rapidly to re-stage its technology and business opportunity.  The operational name of the company, AgroThermal Systems was chosen to encompass the broadening scope of its technology from thermal pest control (TPC) to include thermal plant treatment (TPT). A  provisional patent application was filed for Thermal Plant Treatment (TPT) in April 2012 to include fruit quality and plant health benefits of thermal technology.

TPC is the only commercially scalable option developed to date that can substantially reduce pesticide levels as cost efficiently as traditional chemical based agricultural practices. In addition, TPT has hi-value benefits including fruit quality enhancement and can be used as a pollination aide when applied at blossom.