Controlled High Heat Kills Weeds!  See our one year time lapse proof below in our new study.

May 2020

Organic vineyard battling weeds

May 2020

High Heat Viticulture machine in action

October 2020

Six months using high heat, massive weed reduction

May 2021

One year using high heat, weeds eliminated

Herbi the Heat Beast is Here!

Treat your weeds with controlled high heat instead of chemicals.  Available for row widths between 14 - 24 feet.  Demos are now available.

What is Thermaculture?

Thermaculture® is a method for growing and managing agricultural crops using the application of heat with substantial, proven results. Discover how Thermaculture can:

Chemical Use

Disrupt insect and fungal development by briefly raising air temperature, killing spores and small pests. Fungicides and insecticides can be cut significantly, avoiding added costs, health consequences for workers, the agricultural community, and retail customer.

Production & Quality

Instantaneous Heat Shock activates the plants self-defense system, increasing the overall antioxidant and phenol levels. The result of which increases yields, improves flavor, extends shelf-life and creates a more healthful end product.


Using Thermaculture pays for itself over and over again. Through increased yields, reduced chemical costs, and more efficient use of labor, your bottom line has no where to go but up.

Consider Adding Engineered Heat to Your Integrated Pest Management

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Use of Heat Found to Control Powdery Mildew

2017 was a landmark year for research into heat treatments, with multiple scientific and experiential substantiations that heat will control powdery mildew on selected crops decreasing fungicide needs up to 50%.

Thermaculture Increases Phenol and Antioxidant Activity

North Dakota State University Study confirms: "Instantaneous heat-shock" increases the red wine flavonoid complex, improving wine quality and adding human health benefits.

Dr. Doug Gubler Sees "Promising" Powdery Mildew Control with Thermaculture

Agrothermal Systems® Trials in Sonoma and Napa Cut Fungicide by 50%.

24% increase in berries per bunch

Use heat to assure good fruit set even when mother-nature tries to limit you with cool or wet weather. Since 2012, with over 30 trials, Thermaculture has increased fruit set and berries per bunch by an average of 24%.

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