Find a Treatment Partner

Our partners are available in select areas and can provide treatments for larger organizations that would like to try the technology on limited acreage or, for smaller growers who prefer paying for treatments rather than investing in equipment. Below is a database of partners by region that are available.

Napa & Sonoma

Agrothermal Systems Vineyard Services
Patrick Baker: (707) 307-3969


NewGen Vineyard Services
Chad Vargas: (503) 572-4807

Paso Robles, King City & San Luis Obispo

JD Farming, Inc.
Jason Domingos: (805) 391-3871

Central Washington

Eddie's Vineyard Management
Eddie Rodriguez: (509) 670-3445

Lodi & Sacramento Delta

Mokelumne Valley Partners
Mark Chandler: (209) 481-0848

Interested in becoming a treatment partner?

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