Thermaculture® produces impressive fruit set in the UK's Challenging Climate.

"When I joined the effort to study the use of heat treatments on vines last year, I was both sceptical and intrigued with how heat treatments might be used to improve vineyard productivity and reduce pest and disease issues" says Dr. Richard Smart, noted world expert in vineyard canopy management. "After reviewing fruit set sample data on replicated trials of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and examining the trial rows, I'm really very happy with what I see and excited to complete harvest evaluations in September," continued Smart. "I'm encouraged by these UK results and the potential of this technology to change the way we produce grapes and perhaps other crops."

Art William Tukker, owner of Tinwood Estates, and his Viticulturist, Adam Slate have been working closely to adapt Agrothermal Systems® protocols to the unique challenges of growing grapes in the cool wet climate of England. Says Tukker "We decided to get an Agrothermal machine this spring because we wanted to increase our fruit set and ultimately final yields which can be a massive problem in our industry. Agrothermal technology has shown very good yield results for grapevines in other less challenging climates. We started treatments shortly after bud break. Just last week and before veraison we measured bunch weights and berries per bunch and rachis weight and were greatly encouraged to see 41-51% more berries per bunch and 32% greater average bunch weight in our Pinot Noir test rows vs control. What makes these results even more impressive is that this season’s weather during flowering and fruit set was much warmer and drier than normal, so Agrothermal benefits on fruit set might be larger in a normal season"

Dr. Richard Smart joined the Agrothermal Systems team to chair the Company's Science Advisory Committee in July of 2016 along with Dr. Douglas Gubler, a leading expert in agricultural fungal diseases. According to Agrothermal Systems CEO, Marty Fischer, " Dr. Smart and Dr. Gubler are making significant progress in research efforts on wine grapes. Both men have advanced our knowledge and confirmed many of our earlier research findings and anecdotal experiences regarding the multi-dimensional effectiveness of Thermaculture to improve plant health, productivity and disease control. There will be more news from their viticulture trials as the growing season progresses." Fischer confirmed the Company has experienced rapid growth over the last two seasons and has sold, or placed into viticultural research projects, some 50 machines. In addition to the US, machines are at work in Europe, the UK, Israel, Central America and New Zealand. The Company has also been conducting trials and machine development for other agricultural crops.

Agrothermal Systems is based in Napa, California and is a DBA of Lazo TPC Global, Inc. a California Corporation. Agrothermal Systems has pioneered the use of Thermaculture treatment services as a sustainable, low cost technology to increase yields, reduce pesticide needs and improve crop qualities. The company holds patents on Thermal Pest Control and has patents pending on other aspects of the technology.

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