BAB-Bamps to build row crop machines and PCS to market Thermaculture® to non-viticulture crops in Europe.

Agrothermal Systems® announces a significant expansion of its sales and machine manufacturing capabilities, signing agreements with two Belgium based entities: BAB-Bamps of St. Truiden Belgium, an agricultural machine manufacturing company, and PCS, a marketing and sales organization based in Brussels and St. Truiden.

Agrothermal Systems Founder and CEO, Marty Fischer stated, "The addition of these two companies in the EU marks our expansion into fresh produce and other non-viticulture crop applications after focusing our Thermaculture technology in viticulture for the last 6 years. We know the fresh produce market will be responsive to heat-treatment and its ability to control pests and diseases, add shelf life to fresh produce, and increase the healthfulness of fruits and vegetables. Our solution comes at a time when reduced pesticide use is a major imperative being demanded by consumers, retailers, and agricultural workers in the EU and around the world."

Dr. Eugen Hilbring, who heads PCS, has long-term involvement in EU agriculture, and is supported by a team of experienced professionals. According to Dr. Hilbring, "the Agrothermal Technology has the capability to change agriculture in very significant ways that are particularly critical here in the EU, especially reducing or eliminating pesticide needs and increasing shelf life. Trials in the US and here in the EU have shown heat treatments as an exciting new way to improve produce quality and at lower input costs to growers."

Fischer added, "Dr. Eugen Hilbring brings great energy, contacts, and know how that should lead to rapid expansion of Thermaculture. Stefan Bamps, owner of BAB, provides many years of engineering and manufacturing specialized agricultural equipment. He is now focused on creating machines we need in the EU and around the world to properly treat these largely horizontal crops."

It is anticipated that BAB will have operational prototypes for the row crop market available for the 2018 growing season. Clemens GmbH of Wittlich, Germany will continue to build and sell Agrothermal machines for use in viticulture in the EU, and to supply Agrothermal Systems and its growing list of international distributors.

"With over 50 Clemens-produced machines in operation, we have great confidence in our ability to expand the benefits of Thermaculture both within, and outside the viticulture business" commented Fischer. "We have learned how to work with offshore resources and understand what is necessary to succeed. These additions are both operationally and strategically important, and will help us to expand this new technology with local expertise and resources."

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