Goodband Testimonial

Dear Wine Industry, Since 2013 I have provided Agrothermal Systems® with professional, objective, blind taste assessments of wines produced using grapes from Thermaculture treated blocks vs those from untreated control blocks. My first set of samples came from Adelsheim Estate in Oregon, well known for its vineyard disciplines and attention to quality. The 2012 vintage Pinot Noir bottlings were tasted under strict Master of Wine conditions in the UK from bottles labeled simply A and B. I found a greater expression of fruit and an extra vibrancy in what was revealed to be wine made from treated vines. Blind tastings of subsequent vintages in California, and in Oregon, with the Adelsheim winemaking team further underscored the positive impact Thermaculture was having not only on fruit set but also on the quality of wines produced. Since then I have blind tasted many wines of all major varieties, made in a variety of locations from cool New Zealand and very cool coastal Santa Cruz, Microvinifications at Fresno University to multi block full scale trials at Scheid Vineyards in Monterey. Most recently premium quality 2016 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sonoma and Napa have all shown very well indeed. Tastings made independently and with the winemakers and their teams have consistently shown a positive impact on appearance, better fruit definition and, for the reds a more textured mouth feel which I firmly believe is due to improved levels of antioxidants and balanced tannin structure. Where, in isolated instances no significant difference was noted there was no detrimental effect on overall quality. The tasting journey with Agrothermal has been a revelation, not only due to the pioneering nature of the treatment but most importantly because of the possibilities I see ahead for wine quality and consistency. Sincerely, Philip Goodband Master of Wine

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