Achieving successful results despite the weather.

Jason Domingos, owner of JD Farming Inc, is driven to provide cutting edge technology and cost effective resources to his vineyard services clients. This drive provided Jason with the opportunity to pioneer Thermaculture® treatment services on the Central Coast.

Jason has seen it all, the good, bad, and ugly. If you will recall, 2015 was bad. “First we had damp, cool weather early in bloom, and then the necessary temperatures to have nature set fruit just didn’t happen,” Jason recalled. He decided to treat his crops several times during bloom to make up for the lack of sufficient climatic heat and to assure good fruit set.

Things were going well when the unthinkable (and ugly) happened, over 3 inches of rain in July. While his neighbors all experienced rot, mildew, and fruit drop, Jason was able to dry off his vines with Thermaculture and avoided all of these afflictions.

Despite the tumultuous year, Jason experienced an exceptional harvest, ”we saw over a 40% yield advantage in the 100 acres of heat-treated blocks vs. control blocks where I used conventional viticulture practices.” For comparison sake, his neighbors saw an average of 25% of a normal crop or one third of Jason’s yields.

All 6 varietals responded to Thermaculture. The treated blocks averaged 5.2 tons per acre (tpa) for Syrah, 5.1 tpa for Cabernet Sauvignon, 6.5 tpa for Mouvédre, 4.8 tpa for Merlot, 8.5 tpa for Zinfandel, and 6.5 tpa for Tempranillo.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What about the good years?” In 2014, a great year for yields, Jason provided heat treatment trials at Scheid that averaged over a 30% yield advantage on 7 different varietals. “Good year or bad, this really works...” Jason concluded, “I more than tripled in revenue what I paid for my machine in just one year!”

Marty Fischer, Agrothermal CEO comments, “We love seeing our partners succeed and achieve an immediate return on investment...the ability to protect crops against unpredictable weather is one of the core benefits of Thermaculture, and one that we hope more people will take advantage.”

Jason has really proven that a bad year doesn’t have to be bad, and a good year can be truly great if you are prepared with the right tools in your arsenal. To increase fruit set, yield, and improve wine quality, Jason continues to use Thermaculture® treatment services to treat his own crops as well as his customers acreage.

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