Thermaculture® Treatment Services

Agrothermal Systems® has pioneered the use of Thermaculture® treatment services, a new methodology for managing crops through the application of heat with substantial, proven results. Our heat treatment is applied to plants through the Agrotherm XT™ a tractor-pulled machine, at various stages throughout the growing cycle. 


Improve Fruit Set

Thermaculture during bloom has increased fruit set an average of 23% from 2012-2016 trials.


Increase Yields

Increased harvest yields provide more revenue per acre. In 2014, on 12 trial blocks, heat-treatments generated 31% more harvest yield per vine.


Reduce Pesticide Needs

Trials have shown season long Thermaculture treatments in an IPM type program can cut costs by 2/3rds or more, reduce work delays and prevent other unintended environmental and human consequences.

Integrated Pest Management, IPM, Pesticide alternatives, increase yields, fruit set, wine quality, viticulture, vineyard management

Agrotherm XT™

Thermaculture® treatment services is applied through the Agrotherm XT machine. The Agrotherm XT is a PTO shaft-driven machine to be mounted on a tractor. Developed for the usage in vineyards, cane berries and orchards with row-type crop arrangements, its gas-operated, hydraulic fan heaters generate a hot air stream. While driving between the vine rows, the heated air is directed through the crops, delivering the benefits of Thermaculture. 

Machines are available in trailer form and are 54 inches wide vent to vent. The vents can be widened and narrowed by hydraulics controlled from a joystick control panel in the tractor cab. The vents will adjust to fit 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 10 feet (3 meters) row widths. Vent direction can also be varied by hydraulic control and capable of treating vertical crops up to 10 feet in height including wine and table grapes, trellised orchards, cane berries, currants and blueberries. The vents can also be adjusted to treat overhead crops such as table grapes and kiwifruit. Special venting has been designed for some row crops including tomatoes.

All parts carry a full manufacturers warranty for a period of one year except for those parts that are considered to be normal service parts such as filters, oil & other lubrication, gaskets, washers and hoses. Service and parts are available through Agrothermal Systems and it’s local partners.
There are proprietary treatment protocols for achieving various solutions to a number of different vineyard and crop problems. Machine operation training and application protocols are provided as part of the purchase price of equipment.
Integrated Pest Management, IPM, Pesticide alternatives, increase yields, fruit set, wine quality, viticulture, vineyard management


Efficiently remove standing water, decrease rain damage, and prevent crop loss. The Agroblow tractor-mounted fan unit can be used alone OR in conjuncture with the Agrotherm XT™ to remove standing water and dry off excess moisture in a single pass.  This unique double-sided blower design allows you to:

  • Remove standing water and excess moisture on the fruit and canopy
  • Reduce moisture-related disease, including mildew and rot
  • Save time and money by efficiently treating your vineyard
  • Accommodate varying heights with an optional hydraulic pillar lift

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