A Breakthrough Solution for your Agricultural Needs

Thermaculture® is a patented, sustainable solution for managing agricultural crops through the application of heat.

Thermaculture for Produce

  • Reduce or eliminate chemical applications
  • Fight disease and crop damage by drying out crops after rains
  • Decrease employee and environmental risks
  • Meet growing demand for sustainable agricultural production

Thermaculture for Wine Grapes

  • Reduce fungicide needs by 50% or more
  • Control a spectrum of common vineyard pests
  • Increase yields an average of 20%
  • Improve wine quality by increasing phenols and antioxidants

Case Studies & Resources

Top 4 Mildew and Pest Control Advancements of 2017

Use of heat found to reduce or eliminate small insects and Powdery Mildew infestations for Viticulture and beyond. 2017 was a landmark year for research into heat-treatments, with multiple scientific and experiential substantiations that heat will control...

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