Envisioning the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Thermaculture® for Produce

Reduce or eliminate chemical insecticides and fungicides in produce production

Thermaculture® heat protocols work with mother nature to raise the natural defense system of plants, interrupting most insect and fungal development. Discover how to:

Lower costs and increase profits

Fight disease and damage by drying out crops after rains

Decrease employee and environmental risks

Meet growing consumer and retailer demand for sustainability

Treat to control pests through harvest with no residue

Depending upon the crop, other benefits include: better yields, and increased antioxidant and phenol for better flavor and longer storage.

Case Studies & Resources

White Fly Research

Sustainable Chemical Alternative Takes Aim at Small Insects in Produce Crops

Heat treatment technology used to control insect and fungal infestations expands from viticulture into general produce...Read More

Study Confirms Thermaculture Effective Powdery Mildew Control

Caltec Ag research confirms that high heat levels are more effective than fungicides to eliminate Powdery Mildew mycelium. In a study just released by Caltec Ag of Modesto, CA. Agrothermal Systems® heat-treatments "...provided significantly better control/eradication...

read more
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