Top 4 Reasons
to Use Heat

Increase Fruit Set & Yield

Heat-treatments raises the plant temperature to the levels needed for optimal fruit set and growth, even in cold, wet weather. Customers can achieve a 24%* average increase in fruit set. Resulting yields are increased an average of 20%** through the fuller, heavier, healthier bunches.

Decrease Chemical Needs

With our IPM protocols, fungicides and insecticides can be cut by 50%*** or more, avoiding added costs, health consequences for workers, the agricultural community and consumer. Thermaculture works by disrupting insect and fungal development, briefly raising air temperature enough to kill spores and small pests. It also reduces moisture to prevent bunch rot and fungal damage by drying off the vines after rains.

Enhance Wine Quality

Thermaculture activates the plant self-defense system, increasing its production of phenol and antioxidants – the main flavonoids in wine. The resulting wine exhibits an enhanced flavor profile, increased aromatic definition, and smoother texture.

Make More Money

Using Thermaculture pays for itself over and over again. Through increased yields, reduced chemical costs, and more efficient use of labor, your bottom line has no where to go but up.

Discover how Thermaculture® heat treatments can
solve your vineyard needs.

* Average results based on 50 trials conducted from 2007-2017
** Average results based on 50 trials conducted from 2007-2016
*** Findings based on customer experiences from 2007-2017

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