Dear Fellow Grape Growers, After several years of yield shortages, I needed to find a solution that fit within the Windy Oaks sustainable approach to wine making. I was intrigued with the idea of Agrothermal Systems in that it could maintain or even improve wine quality while increasing yields. This past season we purchased a machine and began treatment on 4 blocks of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At harvest, I saw increases in yields between 12-31%, with an average of 21%. Just that increase in production alone covers the cost of the machine. This coming season we will be using Thermaculture throughout our 16 acre vineyard. I see many benefits to the technology that I hope to take advantage of: Increasing yields, decreasing pest control costs, and safely drying off crops after rain. They are all a part of the sustainable methodology the Windy Oaks brand seeks to achieve. Sustainability is really important and gaining more and more visibility. Agrothermal Systems could be a great part of that story and one that consumers would respond to with enthusiasm. Best, Jim Schultze Owner, Windy Oaks Estate

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